My account was rejected, can I apply again?

Of course you can! We understand that circumstances may change and that your portfolio has grown in size. If this is the case then you are more than welcome to reapply for an account.

How much revenue do I need to do per month to have a ParkLogic account?

Since ParkLogic is a professional investor's platform you will need a minimum of $250 per month in traffic related revenue in order to have your account approved. If you don't have that at the moment but anticipate that you will in the near future then please add this information in your account application as part of the sample list of domains.

Who can I speak to if I have a problem with my account?

You can talk to your account manager or one of the founders of the business (Michael Gilmour) about any issues

I don't like zero-click, can I turn it off?

Yes, we can turn off all or even particular zero-click providers. This will mean that in some cases your domains will not perform as well as they may with zero-click turned on.

Can I request how my traffic is routed?

Of course you can! Although in most cases it is far better to allow ParkLogic's team and platform to automatically make these decisions on your behalf.

I'm concerned about any possible trademark issues with a domain. What can I do?

Each portfolio in your account can be assigned its very own routing rules so we can setup a portfolio with rules that you are comfortable with for those potentially sensitive domains.

Do I have to setup my own parking accounts?

No, we manage all of this process on your behalf so you don't have to worry about all the different monetisation providers. This also mean that since ParkLogic has agreggated a large volume of traffic you will be on our payout levels.

When will I receive payment

Although our terms are net 45 days at the end of the month we typically pay within 23 to 25 days (depending upon holidays and weekends).

Why do I need to fill out a USA tax form?

Since ParkLogic routes traffic to USA based companies it is necessary to establish accounts on behalf of our clients so that we can extract the full value from the traffic. USA tax law requires ParkLogic to provide either a W9 (USA comestic) or a W8-BEN form (international) form to these companies.

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